What happens if Trump is indicted in Georgia? (Indicted on August 14, 2023)

Right, Now if it was a close personal relationship with the Judge- that would be different. They are both on the prosecution side.



No, the judge is not on the prosecution’s side (or damned well shouldn’t be). The judge’s role is to be an impartial arbiter of the law and the court proceedings.

I think the “they” in that quote was a reference to Fani Willis and Nathan Wade. At least, that’s how I read it.

Oh, okay, thanks. That makes a lot more sense.

No, what I meant was Fani Will is and Nathan Wade is also.


I’d expect that it’d be very rare for it to be exactly one.

So this just happened:

So how long can the proceedings continue before the appeal is heard? Presumably the trial can’t actually start until the appeal?

Here’s an older article:

It says:

The Georgia Court of Appeals’ order on Wednesday prevents Fulton County Superior Court Judge Scott McAfee from moving forward with other matters in the case while the appeal is pending. The order will undoubtedly further delay the case because McAfee will not be able to continue to handle pretrial motions in the case as he had planned.

I presume this means that McAfee can resume pretrial motions. I figure there is a lot to be done before the trial starts, and those things can now happen without waiting for the appeal.

Also, the request to disqualify Willis failed. So I don’t see why she can’t get back to work; the only thing stopping her was the stay which was denied.

According to a further note from Katie Phang, this only applies to some of the defendants:

Ok so here it goes: while the trial case is stayed for people like Trump and others who appealed, those who did NOT appeal like Misty Hampton still have their case moving along.

That’s weird. As surely if they win the appeal and have Willis removed it will be for all the defendants? Or will there be a one trial for those that appealed and another with Willis for those that didn’t?

Yeah, I’m not sure why some of them appealed and some didn’t. Money maybe? Bad advice of counsel? They should check to see who their lawyers are dating, that might explain it. In any case, the various defendants here seem to be operating like the victims in that one Saw movie where if they had thought to work together they would have survived the traps but because they choose to screw each other over there was much more pain and suffering before the inevitable demise of each and every one of them.

[Prosecutors in Georgia election case against Trump seek to keep Willis on the case | AP News] DA’s office moves to dismiss appeal