What happens if you don't show up for jury duty?

I lived with my parents for a little while between residences/jobs from late 2006 to mid 2007. I never did change my address with the post office (actually, I’ve never done that) because I don’t get all that much mail. They save what I do have for me.

Over the weekend, one of the pieces of mail that I picked up was a jury duty summons postmarked early March. The date I was asked to appear has already come and gone.

Did I break any laws? Will anything bad happen to me?

Whoops. Nevermind. I don’t know how I misread May as April. I called the Federal courthouse and got things straightened out.

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The answer to this will be specific to the jurisdiction of the court (State, City, County, etc.), and you should definitely contact them as soon as you can to get an answer. Better to be ahead of this one rather than meeting the Sherriff at your door.

In Massachusetts, we are allowed to defer our service up to one year. If you can’t meet the scheduled date, you can reschedule to more convenient day. And, (as I found out once after missing a rescheduled date) as long as you are within that one year window you can reschedule at least a couple of times.

It’s off to Gitmo for you.

I don’t know what the long term consequences are, but I do know that, in Travis county, TX leastwise, if there are not enough folks present in the jury pool at the start of the day, they will choose some number of the no-shows and send out deputies track you down and remind you of your civic duty. I don’t think they will physically drag you to the courthouse, but I imagine it could be a highly embarrassing thing to have happen at work.

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