What happens to all those letters to Santa?

I heard a “This American Life” program about the post office’s Dead Letter office. Apparently only a few people are allowed to open and read undeliverable letters and it’s all a big hassle.

So what happens to all those letters to Santa? Anybody read them? They go straight to the Incineratior?


They get sent to the U.S. Superior Court House in Manhattan, addressed to Kris Kringle, and are place right there on the Judge’s desk.

And remember – the district attorney is a Republican.

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In NYC, they give a decent amount of the letters to charities who help needy letter-writers I think.

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What Satan says happens in NYC happens in many cities – the Post Office turns them over to groups or individuals who go through them and try to pick out the ones from kids who are “truly needy” (to borrow a phrase). The local newspaper here usually runs an article or two about it every year.


Yeah, our paper has a column about people who need money & which family gets the money each week. Usually they are very needy & of course, on Welfare. Well, welfare finds out about them in the paper and takes the money from their payments. dumb.

I am supprised at all of you.

The real answer is Santa gets them and reads them and then he delivers the presents to all the little boys and girls.

I bet Santa never comes to your houses since you are all unbelievers.


I believe Santa.

What exactly is the Zip Code for the North Pole?

No, no, no… they collect all the letters, throw 'em on a ship, take 'em out to the middle of the ocean and deep six 'em. Bah humbug!

Oh Santa gets em allright. He then cuts a hole in them and masturbates with them. Santa is an evil, evil man.

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GEEZ it’s a good thing Ranger Jeff doesn’t hang around these parts much . . . .

(looking for cover)

The official zip code for the North Pole is 00000.

By some wild coincidence,it’s also the zip code for the Easter Bunny and the Great Pumpkin.

Lisa (muttering, scratching her head)

Santa’s a modern guy. He’ll only read your emails now.

Some drink at the fountain of knowledge…others just gargle.

They are misread and actually to to a Mr. Oneill in Raleigh

MoosieGirl, what is his web site address then?

God must get a lot of letters too.

The zip code of North Pole, AK is 99705; check it yourself at USPS Zip Codes.


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Santa is on LINE??? Wow I know he did faxes. Hmm supposes he uses AOL?

What StrTrkr777 said.

What’s wrong with you people?


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EVERYONE knows that the North Pole is in Canada, and the official postal code is H0H 0H0.

Never mind that the H- series postal codes are reserved for metro Montreal…


Wow. Thanks for the link, Jeff! It’s people like you, StrTrkr, and Cecil that give me hope. You guys just made my day. :slight_smile: