What happens to international parcels lacking customs declaration forms?

Five weeks ago, I sent a parcel from the UK to the US and inadvertently omitted to attach the customs declaration form CN22 which details the contents, value etc.

The customer says that he has not yet received it, so I have sent a replacement.

I have informed him that he can just keep the delayed package when and if it arrives, but I just wondered what the normal procedure would be in US customs in such a situation. Presumably they would open the package and see what is inside … but roughly how long would the procedure take , and would the package eventually be delivered?

I normally count on my packages arriving at their US destinations in 14 days or less … 40 days and counting seems excessive, even allowing for opening and examination.

FTR, the parcel was not tracked, so I have no way of finding out what has happened to it.

Without the customs form it should never have gotten out of the UK in the first place. I think your shipper screwed up if it managed to get all the way to US Customs.

It will probably find its way back to you in a few weeks or so.