What happens to stuff confiscated at security checkpoints?

Why can’t the airport have a service where instead of handing over your stuff they stick it in a flat rate overnight box to the home address from your ticket? If you don’t want to pay or the item can’t be shipped (loaded gun) it goes to TSA. But a congressional medal of honor penknife or grandma’s scissors from 1938.

If they can’t do it right in line then a kiosk you can do a self check before getting in line.

Why should they? That would be logical and sympathetic, something the TSA isn’t.

I’m not saying TSA should do this. But Fedex or UPS could do it and charge extra for it too.

Airports used to do that - before everyone became enormous pussies. I had numerous items shipped to my home or destination seperately.

I don’t know how recent the information on the website is, but at least one such service seems to still exist.. I remember seeing this kind of thing at a self-serve kiosk in Denver International’s TSA line.