What happens with El Cheeto and Mar-a-lago?

Do you really want to eat cookies that can track your online activities?

Not to mention what they’ll track of your internal activities while in transit.

It’s kinda dark in there to shoot pix, but I think a vid of a full trip from end to end would be interesting / informative to watch. Once.

Like that factory insider show:

But this episode would be for poop.

Go ahead, keep track of my Japanese Kei Car porn and my comic book articles and my Dope(y) Discussions… I’d do pretty much anything for a cookie.

My wife is eating gluten-free to see if it helps her tummy issues (sorry for the med tech terminology). I thought “Damn, there go the tasty snacks”, but she just made some killer almond flour chocolate chip cookies. I just came in from shoveling, poured snow out of my boots, and said “I earned another cookie!”

You just earned as many cookies as would fit in both hands.:cookie::cookie::cookie::cookie::cookie::cookie::cookie:

Outlined in red, that’s the new full time residence of DJ Trump.

As of the last time Google looked, there is nothing actually there. It’s a narrow (compare with the neighbors) lot (made up of remnants from those neighboring lots) that creates an access from MaL to the next cross street over. And the owner-of-record’s address is stil MaL’s nominal address.

I know enough about it to really not wanna watch a show about it.

It is curious though that the main Mar-a-Lago lot belongs to “Mar A Lago Club Inc” while that little access lot belongs to Trump personally.

It doesn’t even look like it gives access to anything. It’s closed off on all sides.

Well, there ARE those swallowable pill-cams used to scope out the innards. I think this qualifies for the “how it’s made” film even if the Canadian series never picked it up…

It looks to me as it if isn’t used for access now, but it could be used to build a driveway onto Woodbridge Rd if he wanted one.

And in the current as of this post Google streetview, when looking from Woodbridge, you see clear unobstructed into some of the MaL parking lot with no fence (and nothing IN the lot), while the overhead as of this post seems to show a fence with a gate opening .

Streetview seems to be updated much less frequently than the overhead view. Radical changes to an intersection near my house were updated about three months after completion in the latter but nearly a year in the former.

I’m assuming they can get their pick from any number of satellite passes for the overhead but streetview needs boots wheels on the ground.

There won’t be any recent views of that place in Streetview. Streetview is currently grounded due to pandemic. In the course of a hobby of mine, I view a lot of Streetview images in the US and Canada and usually note the date. I’ve seen only a small number of them more recent than a year ago. Those were in Canada from last fall. Not sure why they were running then and there.

Are you assuming some country would try to do something to DT to try to ingratiate themselves with the USA?

So not online activity, but inline activity?

As for Melania - read the book by Wolcott. Melania is a self-centered ****** who doesn’t care about anyone or anything (except herself) and couldn’t be bothered to do anything that requires effort. She would meet Ms. Wolcott for lunch every week before 2016 but asked to do anything to help her - nada. When she got to the White house, could not be bothered to fight for her budget or employees, so Jarvanka took most of that. When they then threw Wolcott under the bus - the $26M she used to pay contractors for the inauguration, it was implied to the NYTimes she kept for herself - Melania did nothing to deny that, since then Melania would get sucked into the mess. Wolcott worked for Melania for free, then when the whole $26M lie came out, Melania let them “fire” her unpaid employee to bolster the bad PR hatchet job.

Best quote was in Mary Trump’s book. DT’s brother Robert, when discussing that Melania sat through a dinner party without saying anything… “She knows why she’s with him, and it’s not for her sparkling conversation.”

Heh. No. But there are several countries and plenty of non-state actors which would love to get their hands on, or kill, a former President - even this one.

An American Miss Havisham, haunting a decaying Florida mansion in dementia of the past…

A modern House of Usher! That’d be so worth it.

Florida Gothic.