What has happened to Stevie (documentary fame) & family?

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A friend and I finally saw the documentary “Stevie” about the troubled/troubling guy in southern Illinois (Stephen or Steven Fielding). We were wondering what has happened to him, his family & fiancee, what they think of the movie and so forth. The official movie website & the Illinois Dept. of Corrections site have not been helpful in this regard & follow up has been tricky to locate on the web.

Anyone seen a follow-up article or piece? Thanks.

He is still in prison. I found him by searching the Illinois DOC website on his last name. His prisoner ID number is B81651. He is schedule to be released 7/1/2011, though he is eligible for parole on 7/1/2008.

(note that the default search criteria is birthdate. if you didn’t change that, it would explain why your search didn’t find him)