What has the Tea Party done for the "Little guy"?

They claim all sorts of stuff, but what have they actually done to help the taxpayers?

I can’t see anything they have done so far, but be obstructionist. Now, sure if they obstruct bad things, that’s something, sure. But have they done anything positive?

Is the Tea Party still a thing?

Two of 'em are running for President.

Made them a cup of tea ?

Does anyone have a serious answer? Can we stick to serious answers here, please?

Provided a focus for their anger and insecurity thereby providing a sense of empowerment to a certain class of voters who were feeling disenfranchised.

Their position is that (federal) government is bad, so whatever you do to make it not function is good for us all in the long run if we wait for the eventual privatization of everything. The little guy they are talking about is usually white, rural and a gun owner.

Whatever makes Dems and career politicians look bad is to be enacted, so that we can see the 'truth" of how bad govt is.

It’s a circular argument that there is no way to be on the other side of. It only gets tallied up at the rapture. By then we will have come down like Rome basically.

Sure, good point. But have they succeeded at any legislation that would help that class of voters?

Sure, I understand that. But the sense of empowerment IS an accomplishment, in a sense.

I was going to say “made him feel important”, but this is more high-brow.

How do you define “help”?

Assisted. Made a better life, better economically.

I have heard maybe three peeps about the Tea Party from those candidates at best. It’s over.

Government spending has not gone up much and as a consequence the deficit has gone from 1.25 trillion in 2010 to 250 billion last year.

I think it would be hard to draw a direct connection between those things and a direct positive impact on the ‘little guy’.

So restricted to monetary measures?

More accurately it’s over until the next financial clusterfck.* If the financial projections of CBO are anything like accurate(admittedly they often aren’t) then the movement will return with avengence in some form within a few years.

What the Tea Party wants harms the little guy. They want to take away health insurance from millions. They oppose minimum wage increases. They oppose labor unions. They oppose spending on programs that help us all, such as rebuilding decaying highway bridges. They’re working to limit people’s right to vote. They’re fighting against any possible effort to minimize the harm caused by climate change.

That they haven’t succeeded in all of this is, perhaps, their greatest accomplishment to the benefit of the American People. They’ve failed, by and large, and that’s helped us all a lot.

This is a bit vague. Maybe you could show us somewhere where the Tea Party claimed to actually do something, we can investigate and see if that thing actually happened, if it helped anybody and if the Tea Party can take credit.

Assisted. Made a better life, better economically. Note the comma. Made a better life. And/or

Made better economically.

Do you have anything?