What have been your favorite SDMB Polls?

The subject came up in a Cafe Society thread and I figured “what the hell?” let’s try to find out.

If you can provide a link to the poll(s), great. Otherwise try to get as close as you can to the thread title. I will try to find and link to the ones you name.

My own favorites have come from:

  • How Old Are You? (2 threads I can locate)
  • Who are your favorite characters on The Wire? (it took a dozen or so threads to find out!)
  • probably another ten or so that I will try to find if the interest in this thread takes off
    Once we get 20 or so favorites (at least) we can have a poll to try to find SDMB’s Most Popular Threads.

An old game-y thread of mine.

I should’ve made a second thread for the voting via a real poll, dang it. Anyways, I’m always impressed with how creative Dopers can be when asked. Some of those replies were awesome.

Thanks for keeping this thread from joining my 0-replies list, NoClueBoy!

Just for giggles I decided to try to get a decent list of polls to examine. It’s not as trivial as it might first appear and I would love to see a simpler way to do what I tried.

I did a Keyword Search using “poll*” as the keyword,
selected “title only”
4 years ago and newer
number of replies - descending
search all open forums
and was amazed to see over 30 pages (750 threads) come back.

Even though I picked four years to try to minimize those threads that said “poll” in the title but didn’t have the actual votes summarized and a total voters count, there are beaucoup non-poll polls to have to wade through.

My biggest one (based on number of replies) was:

Your Top Five Most Preferred TV Shows (Final Poll)
Zeldar 07-15-2010 02:17 PM
by NoClueBoy 51 6,189 Cafe Society
Multiple Choice Poll. Voters: 280

So exciting to see that you made the last post in that one!

******* ZOMBIE ALERT *******

Bumping this old thread as opposed to starting a new one.

Which poll (of the kind that tallies the votes) has had the most voters?

One that’s still active is now at 281 Voters:

Which of these cocktails have you had?
05-14-2015, 09:08 AM

The best response I can find is:

How old are you?
06-02-2011, 03:33 PM
Voters: 826 (still open, it would appear)

If you know of polls with more voters, please post links or titles if you can.

I enjoyed most of the endless “Best of the Rest XX Year” music polls even if I didn’t vote in a majority of them. How you rate their combined activity is up to the reader.