What have the survivalists been up to?

One thing I haven’t heard much about during all of this is the survivalists… particularly the hard core types with “bug out bags” and so forth. Anyone know any? Did they head off to their secret bunkers back in March? Or do they all just think it’s a hoax?

Well, one that I know happens to have mothered one of my children.

Right before SAH orders, she asked that he spend the duration with her out in the country. Why? Because she was worried about riots. :rolleyes: Yeah right, there’s gonna be riots here in my quiet little suburban neighborhood.

She also told my kid not to tell ANYONE that they have chickens because…I dunno, chickenhawks might find out or something.

Lining up in front of the State building with Ak47s, bad camo and no masks?
Honestly, it depends on what you mean. Real survivalists aren’t doing much different, maybe stocking a extra couple months.

Those reactionary peoples militia types arent survivalists.

Having a “bug out”/“get home” bag is scarcely the threshold for being a hard core survivalist. (I keep a ‘get out’ bag in my truck in addition to my medic bag and breakdown bag because I have previously been caught in a natural disaster that required abandoning a vehicle and going on foot, and also I watch Tremors on continuous loop in my head.) Frankly, if you live in hurricane country, earthquake country, tornado country, flood country, or snow/ice storm country–in other words, pretty much the entire continental US–you should have some kind of bag with adequate supplies of food, water, basic first aid supplies, flashlight, gloves, jacket, multitool, et cetera such that you can deal with basic emergencies and walk out of a hazard zone.

The ‘faux’ preppers–they guys stockpiling guns, ammo, booze, and atropine–are probably Facebooking each other about how the “Corona Virus is a hoax!” and is just an excuse for government surveillance and a hypothetical vaccine is a chance for Bill Gates to inject personal trackers into everyone as if Mark Zuckerberg isn’t collecting every bit of their personal data and enriching himself by selling it to Chinese companies selling fake masks and herbal anti-viral treatments, while the actual preppers are rotating their food stocks and politely laughing at the presumptive ‘normals’ hoarding toilet paper and in a deep panic about whether Dominos will keep delivering pizza. (For the record, Dominos will deliver pizza long after the US Postal Service is defunct, an EMP attack has turned the entire US power grid into a very expensive antenna, and people are watering crops with off-brand sports drinks.)

All of the ‘one percenters’ with their survival bunkers are trying to flee to New Zealand, though I guess Jacinda Ardern put a kink in their plans by closing boarders. Personally, I’m in favor of doing an Edgar Allan Poe and brick those people up with a cask of Amantillado, but Enzies are just too nice for that.


golf clap

Yeah, I recall reading somewhere that the “serious” ones don’t seem to generally think that this is The Big One.

Yeah a Bug out bag- and maybe a Go bag for the car for long trips- is a solid idea, used by people who just have a little wisdom. It is hardly only crazed militia dudes.

I have both- Bug out with a months pills, some clothes, , first aid, a few snaks, etc, and go bag which has a pair of sock , a pair of underwear, a tshirt, two days of pills, snaks, water (I always keep a first aid kit, wool sweater, a blanket and a windbreaker in each car). The Bug out is the size of a medium duffel, the go bag is a small daypack. Each has a swiss army knife and a leatherman tool, but no real weapons.

I consider a go bag to be the “mini-” bug out routine thing just in case you are caught out overnite.

Deal with basic emergencies, yes. Walk out of a hazard zone, not necessary, at least not around here.

My house is in southern Maryland, about a mile from the Chesapeake Bay, but also on a hillside 90 feet above sea level. We’ve been hit by hurricanes before, but the worst possibility is that we lose power for a week or so and a tree or two falls on the house, and we can deal with all that until the roads are cleared.

Though actually we’d head for my stepbrother’s place in the Blue Ridge, if they recommended evacuation.

Because of the way I rotate stuff in my shelves, I noticed two days ago that I opened the actual pack of six rolls of toilet paper that was the “last” one from before the current toilet paper emergency. Since I buy the stuff by the bale at Costco, I already have a new six packages, purchased the last time I went there. I am not sure how many rolls I used since the current crisis in paper products, but I obviously have enough for five or six months.