What have you misheard lately?

While playing an online game last night, I was chatting with a friend who said he was catching up on his reading, and was currently finishing up SuperFreakonomics.

Due to the vagaries of voice server transmission, and the fact that I was listening to two channels at once, I thought he said Superfreak in Amish.

I think I’d like to hear that one.

I’m half deaf in one ear, so I frequently mis-hear things.

Yesterday at work, I heard “I’ve got some big news” as “Why not some big boobs?”

Earlier in the week while watching TV,“Stick it in your ear” became “Prick is in your rear”

My fiance said, “My boss is picking me to fry” but I heard “My boss is sick and leaving guys.”

And that’s just off the top of my head… it happens all the time.

For a couple of weeks, I was thinking about calling up Lumber Liquidators to get some of that pork flooring.

Is is legal for Dove to use nutria moisturizers?

I went to the ER this summer and as I was being registered I was asked “your next of kin’s your mother” but I heard “a Mexican’s your mother”.

I looked at her with a pretty confused look and said “no my mother isn’t Mexican”.

Then she looked at me all confused and said “what??”.

We got it straightened out but boy we sure did laugh. I could hear her telling other people in the back and then there would be more laughter.

Bye old mechanic man!

There’s some old guy on TV with chronic respiratory problems claiming he has been Ed Asner for some years now. Poor guy!

Just today I thought my co-worker said he once gave massages at a goth tournament. Turned out he said golf, but we proceeded to imagine what the various categories would be and how the goths would be scored.

My kids (5 and 6) mishear stuff all the time and then, when they are corrected, insist that the way they heard it is the right way. My daughter has “litacha” (literature) time in school. My son consults the dinosaur “feel guy” (field guide). They don’t have hearing difficulties or speech impediments (in fact, that speak much more clearly than most kids their ages). They’re just stubborn assholes. Or, as my son says, “stubbin axles”.

Not long ago, someone pointed out to me that the phrase “new direction” sounds like “nude erection”. I hear this phrase all the time now on the radio (mostly on news channels), and you can guess how I hear it. :smack:

Lotsa stuff…I’m hard of hearing, so this happens to me all the time.
" who decided that women should shave their legs?"
" Some sexist pig"
Me (looking puzzled) Sex with a pig?

On Saturday morning, the local announcer on the radio says “Weakened Edition” is coming up next.