What holidays do you celebrate?

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My husband and I are having this argument about holidays, He said that about 99% of Americans celebrate Christmas and Easter and that only 1%(me, and like 2 other people, lol) do not. I am having a hard time trying to show him that their are many other cultures that do not celebrate those holidays, And he told me to list them. That is where I failed all i could think of was Jehovah’s witness’( which is what i was raised as) and Jewish and Islamic people. I know there have to be others, but I have no clue what. So does anyone here not celebrate Cmas and Easter? Anyone celebrate holidays you normally don’t hear about? Thanks alot!

Happy Festivus! Already preparing for the feats of strength.

But I’m sure that there are many cultures that celebrate Christmas and never take into account the religious aspects. Same thing with Easter. I know that Japan celebrates Christmas and they have a miniscule Christian population.

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My SO celebrates King’s Day in January. I think it’s the sixth, but I’m not exactly sure. It sounds an interesting holiday though she won’t tell me much about it yet…

Apparently, it’s a Latin thing. I wouldn’t understand.

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I don’t celebrate any religious holidays—but that is pretty abnormal in the US. I celebrate July 4th (they have a quaint little fireworks exhibit in my town), Thanksgiving (well, not anymore, since the trains are so crowded), and New Year’s. Also Hallowe’en, if anyone is giving a good party. Which, I might add, no one HAS for the past few years . . .

“…celebrates King’s Day as opposed to xmas…”

Darn it! I amlousy at figuring out which thread it should go to. Thanks for the replys. I am going to look up Kings day in a moment…I had a thought, My husbands entire family is Jewish…LOL…I wonder why he thinks noone but us weirdos don’t celebrate Cmas