What Hue Are You?

What Hue Are You?

Cool, Pastel & Neutral Hues

Your palate’s palette prefers cool, pastel, and neutral tones. The colours and styles you’ve chosen to surround yourself with reveal the conservative chic of your personality.

You’ve always prided yourself in matching the accessories you buy to furnishings in your home. Like your character, your furnishings are tasteful, and can be found in hues of baby blues, pinks, and yellows, as well as lime-green, turquoise, rose, buttercup, opalescent honey, ivory, lilac sand and earth tones. Styles you like include country classic, Americana, rustic cottage, and may have thematic or stylised patterns like gingham, tartan, and plaid.

From patio furniture to your child’s bedroom, your home’s decor will never go out of style. You’ve got definite ideas about what you like, and aren’t swayed easily by this month’s trend.

You bring flair and a touch of class to everything you decorate, and your colour choices show that although you have a youthful, fun-loving spirit, you can also be serious and down-to-earth. You look ahead to future trends, ensuring that the selections you make today—both in the décor that you choose and in other aspects of your life—will outlast passing fads.

I got the same result as you cadolphin :slight_smile:

Mine sez:

Warm & Rich Hues

Your palate’s palette prefers warm & rich hues. The colours and styles you’ve chosen to surround yourself with reveal the traditional and romantic nature of your personality.

From the colours on your wall to the art hanging from them, you’re a class act. Your sophisticated, cosmopolitan décor choices will never go out of style. You prefer rich, solid colours to pastels and bright, brassy tints. What could be classier?

Specific hues one might find in your home are creamy tones like coffee, fawn, burnt umber, deep periwinkle, mauve, eggshell, burgundy, pumpkin orange, ivory, coffee, and earthy tones. When it comes to pastel, only warm, rich pastel colours are allowed to make an appearance.

Styles you may favour are urban chic, traditional country home, or modern minimalist. One might find leather couches, glass tables, wrought-iron patio furniture, long, flowing curtains with ornate finials, and the like in your stylish home. You are continually on the lookout for objects that would improve the appearance of your home.

Your hue selection reveals that you are a classic, slightly risqué person who can appreciate the beauty in simple things as well as those that are more refined. Ever the diplomat, you avoid making brash, spur-of-the-moment decisions when it comes to the important things in life. A true reflection of your character, your decor is tasteful and timeless.

Eh, cool… I guess.

I have a pinkish hue and a rosy glow. And a good cheek. :stuck_out_tongue:

Jest hue you a talkin to, boy?
I didn’t agree with so many of the choices, and had to go with the choice that was closest to what I thought. Even at that, I wanted to mix and match some choices.


Cool, Pastel & Neutral Hues

Pasty, flourescent, glow-in-the-dark white isn’t an option? :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m CPN, too.

Pasty, flourescent, glow-in-the-dark white isn’t an option? :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m CPN, too.

Another Warm & Rich shades, here.

Especially love the “classic, slightly risque” part of the description.

I think that quiz sucks, are they trying to sell off a load of unwanted pastel paint I wonder. I got rated CPN, and I would rather smear blood on my walls than have them painted a pastel hue.
Cheers, Bippy

uh, no.

my bedroom at home is bright turquoise and fire-engine red.
curtains, carpet, walls, furniture, furnishings. everything. they’re my favourite colours.

at college i have large pieces of brightly coloured card on the wall with photos on them, and a rainbow theme going on.

CPN :slight_smile:

Warm and Rich Hues, myself. Which is absolutely true.

I am black as the blackest blackie black so goth I’m dead. Huzzah.

I’m the other one…the bold, sassy one. I forget what words it used, but I’m neither contemporary nor particularly sigh classic. And I hate wussy wall colors; give me a wall that SCREAMS, I say. SCREAMS.

Have you ever noticed how many different shades of white there are when you go paint shopping? Who cares? Why would anyone who wants white walls really care if it’s eggshell or cream? The whole point is the white, right?


Bwa ha ha… someone who used to work as a framer is complaining about having too many shades of white.

I’m a CPN too. My mother would be so proud.

I’m in the CPN club although most of my answers were not what my house looks like now, but what I want it to look like when it’s finished. There weren’t any options for bare plaster and building site rubble.