What I Did During the Interregnum

After staring at the dictionary for a bit, it seems to me that we may be moving into an interregnum here in the states; but then dictionaries can be awfully misleading at times. Besides the convenience of being able to use the word in casual conversation, it’d be nice to be able to someday tell my grandkids “what I did during the interregnum”; but I’m just not sure the disruption in the normal flow of political power is enough to merit the use of such a fancy word. Any other opinions on this out there?

BTW this is NOT a thinly veiled attempt to start yet another politics thread, I’d simply like to know if there’s a concensus out there on how disrupted things have to be before you get to start using a nice word to describe the situation.

No, no, no. The point insn’t whether it was an interregnum. The point is of course we should tell our grandchildren it was. The point is we should tell them it was only slightly less of a crisis that the Cuban Missil one (which, come to think of it, I only consider to be a monumenatal crisis because my grandparents tell me it was). Tell them about when the world held it’s breath and the fate of our great nation and democracy itself were held in the balance.

Well what the hell else am I going to tell my grandchildren; where I was when the Challenger blew up?