What If A Disaster On An Election Day

Just wondering if there are any provisions to cover if there was a disaster on an election day. I am not referring to this particular upcoming November election but any election in general.

I mean let’s say the 9/11 attacks had happened this November. Obviously the people who live in Southern Manhattan wouldn’t be able to vote or some of the votes would be destroyed.

What would happen? What if a tornado or eathquake struck?

I’m most interested to see if there are any laws regarding Presidental elections but it’d be interesting also to see if there are any state laws.

It seems it wouldn’t be fair not to have people’s votes count but then it’s not fair to give them two chances to vote either.

On 9/11 New York State was having primaries. The primaries were suspended and rescheduled for a few weeks later. I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a similar reaction during a national election, with attention to the deadline for Electoral College vote submission.

(I remember watching a lecture by one of the attorneys who made up the “Cancel the Primaries!” reaction. There wasn’t anything on the books at the time to deal with such an issue.)