What if America had gone with Hamilton's plan for a unitary republic?

Alexander Hamilton is always counted as one of our Founding Fathers, but in fact, although he was a delegate to the Constitutional Convention, he had little influence on the Constitution it produced. From http://www.usconstitution.net/consttop_ccon.html#hamilton:

I realize this is a very iffy “what if?” because it’s hard to see such a radical plan could have been sold to the country in the political environment of the time. But suppose it had been accepted? How would the history of the North American Republic (I guess that’s what they’d call it) differ from the history of the United States of America? Would the Civil War have happened if the very principle of state sovereignty had been rejected at the outset?

President Washington would be the first President-For-Life. Whether his skills as a general would transfer that well over a long period of time is unclear to me.

Eventually, some Joker would take hold of power and the US would become a corrupt banana Republic.

Part of the genius of the existing Constitution is its ability to withstand fools in office, or so I learned in high school civics.

Quite a few of those features we have or did. We have two houses of Congress, a portion of the judiciary have life time tenure.

We still have the electoral college and at one time the state legislatures appointed them without regard to the popular vote. In a sense, the national government does have veto powers over state laws.

It seems to me quite a few of his ideas were accepted in one form or another.

Only in the sense that a federal law prevails over the state law to the extent of any conflict – if the federal law is a constitutional exercise of the enumerated powers delegated by Congress, and that rules out a lot. While Hamilton’s plan was not considered long enough for such details to be worked out, I’m sure it would have specified that the national government was not one of limited, enumerated powers, but that it would have the plenary police power the states enjoy under our present system.

Also, Hamilton wanted Congress to appoint the state governors. That would have made a really big difference.

But for the most part, after the Civil War established the principle of national sovereignty as a permanent fact. If Hamilton had gotten his way – would the Civil War have happened at all?

Sorry, “enumerated powers delegated to Congress”.

Something I posted in another thread: