What If Dr. Murray Is Found "Not Guilty"?

As far as I can see, he still is screwed-who is going to employ him after all this?
From the trial so far, it certainly seems that he used poor judgement at times-but I don’t think he set out to harm Michael Jackson.
In any case, why punish the guy? His career as a doctor, is effectively over.

I dunno, but he does seem to have a lot of supporters.

I don’t think anybody is saying he set out to harm MJ. He is being tried for involuntary manslaughter, is he not?

As above, he seems to have a lot of supporters who could presumably make up a potential client base. (Not sure, but didn’t his license get revoked, anyway?)

If he keeps his md license, I think plenty of people would be interested in a doctor who will write you whatever you want in exchange for cash. The title of doctor doesn’t equal ethical. There are plenty of dealer docs out there writing ridiculous amounts of drugs to people who don’t need them. In fact, that’s the MO of a lot of “pain management” docs.

Of course he didn’t set out to hurt MJ. But, based on what I’ve heard, it does sound as though he (a) was massively overmedicating his patient, and (b) may have hampered efforts to revive his patient, by not disclosing what he was taking to the paramedics.

Don’t forget that he delayed the dialing of 911 by something around 10-15 minutes. Though, people are speculating that he already knew MJ was dead and beyond saving.

There will be riots in the streets of Los Angeles as the court system will have let yet another man walk away scott free after killing a black man.

Personally, I believe that Michael Jackson died sometime around 1989, and it was only Dr. Murray’s mystical island voodoo magicks which kept him ambulatory until 2009. :wink:

Although I think he showed gross negligence and incompetence and should never be allowed to practice medicine again, I don’t think he’s responsible for Michael Jackson’s death. I hope he’s found “not guilty” and then banned from the medical industry for life. Hopefully he’s thinking about implementing a Plan B if he’s acquitted. Doesn’t strike me as the brightest guy though.

If he is found guilty there will be a few docs stop handing out scripts for oxycodone and all the new opiate based stuff. Even if he isn’t, he may survive criminal court but the Jackson family will surely win in civil court. That precedent will start a wave of wrongful death suits for everyday shmucks that die from the abuse of pain meds. It’s easy to get hooked if you need it to be able to work. I can’t believe the guy was so foolish. After all, he had to know M.J. was a walking speedball. In my opinion he is responsible. He of all people knew better. He was just greedy. It’s not like he was unemployable. If he cared for Jackson at all he would not have let things get so out of hand. And I don’t think having his reputation ruined is adequate punishment. If that was your mom would you feel the same way?

I think you need to reverse the question. It’s not why is this doctor being punished, but why is singled out when there are a lot of other doctors doing the same thing.

It’s funny how if Jackson was a black man in Humbodt Park (Chicago) and using drugs, he’d be called a junkie. But because he’s rich and got his drugs from a doctor and not a pusher he’s a victim.

MJ abusing prophenol was nothing short of flirting with death every time he did it, which was apparently every day to get to sleep. The doctor basically agreed to supervise this addiction and the patient died or went into some kind of arrest on a potty break for the doctor. Was it illegal to use the drug in the home? Was it a felony? Given that MJ was going to use this drug anyway, it seems to me that the Dr. was mostly a co-dependent. And how did MJ get this drug before he fired Dr. Murray? Will this other source testify? Be charged?

PO oxycodone is a little different from IV propofol. No doctor on the face of the planet would give you a script for IV propofol (I don’t think you can even do that) if you were to ask in an office visit. Especially not as a sleep aid. Speaking as a medical professional, I think the guy is guilty of involuntary manslaughter if the facts are really as I understand them. He should have prescribed ambien/lunesta/clonidine/trazadone/seroquel/atarax/benedryl.


Do they even consider Jackson one of their own, after what he did to his face? I wonder.