What if everybody won?

What if the feds cut a check for one million dollars for every man, woman, and child in the US? It would only cost around 300 million dollars. What would happen?

There are only 300 people in the US? I’m going over there and buy texas!

What does that even mean?

Extreme inflation. See Zimbabwe.

That the OP can’t multiply.

It would actually cost 260 trillion to cut a check for a million to every man woman and child.

:confused: 300 million divided by 1 million per person means there are only 300 people.

Ah. Gotcha. I was reading it like you wanted to buy 300 million people.

That’d be three hundred trillion, not $300 million. (Fixed math error.) $300 million is roughly one dollar per person. Where the hell would that much money come from? It’s way above the world gross domestic product. Nobody would win, as noted, it’d cause crippling inflation instantly.

Maybe you meant $1,000 per person?

OK forgive me.

What about a similar idea on a smaller scale?

They just tried that, and it failed to do much more than throw a cup of water on a burning house.

I would, if I wasn’t opposed to slavery :smiley:

That’s where I thought this thread was going!

I don’t mean to be too cynical, but the day after, half of the people would have lost their $1,000 (or whatever) because of bad investments - like investing in a three card flush, or investing in an overpriced drink for that cute barfly, or something - and the other half would be $1,000 richer.

I see it that if society’s problems were based simply on money (doubtful), it’s still the case that some people aren’t good with money. What to do?

As already stated, that was basically the economic stimulus package that rolled out earlier this year.

Kinda like this?

Some guy named Tron would become the richest man in the world after a dice game in Harlem.

Too much money distributed with no backing. Sounds great until you pay $1000 for the pizza that just got delivered.

Do you even know what the word “inflation” means?

It’s called an Economic Stimulus Package these days.