what if humans became cold blooded

Cecil mentions hibernation but overlooks a more immediately useful aspect of ectothermy in space: reduced food and oxygen requirements. In space vessels and stations the temperature has to be controlled 100% artificially anyway, and waste heat is something you usually worry about how to throw away. Staying warm by burning calories is wasteful compared to just keeping the cabin temperature in the high 90’s.

“…time flies when you’re torpid.”

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I’m pretty sure the astronaut’s body heat is the least of the waste heat most space craft have to deal with, so you’d still have to shed the heat from the equipment for the sake of the equipment and astronauts.

So, at best, you’ve reduced the heat that needs to be shed a little bit at peak (but certainly not enough to significantly change engineering considerations), and you’ve made temperature control of the crew area more complicated since you need to constantly adjust it to match the astronauts’ intended activity levels.

I imagine the temperature would be kept a bit below standard body heat, with electrically heated body suits making up the difference.

Maybe that’s why all those '50s pulp SF magazines always show people in space wearing these form-fitting body suits. :slight_smile:

Would that much change in my household? It is already temperature controlled. I’d have to be a bit more aggressive on maintaining a constant appropriate value. X-country skiing might be out as well as most other winter or ocean based activities. The heated suits mentioned above will help out in those activities though.

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Maybe, but it was partly serious speculation about the technology that would be needed to control body decompression. As late as the late 60s—maybe later—NASA was still studying the option.

Last I heard, there was still an ongoing project for a non-pressurized space suit that basically consists of form fitting material. Though come to think of it, that was maybe five years ago, and the federal budget crunch might have ended it.