What if Hussein doesnt use WMD against the US?

Try this one on for what its worth… maybe little… But a possible scenario could be Saddam taking advantage of this US led attack to make a sort of statement or a kind of test for the US. Could his motive be to turn the world on the US and possibly the US against itself? Maybe if by using human shields and refraining from using his alleged weapons, he may just want to see how far we will go and how many civilians we will kill in order to remove him. Honestly im a little interested myself in how far we will go. Maybe he thinks that we will screw it up and take it so far that we look like the invaders that have commited a terrible deed. I am afraid that if this is his motive that we may take it too far and by doing that we could allow Saddam a victory in the only way that he could possibly have one… and it wont take him very much effort at all

Either that, or U.S. operatives could “plant” a few WMDs in Iraq and claimed that they found them there. (Heck, why not? Unscrupulous police have been known to plant drugs on people they wanted to arrest from time to time.)