What if i just ate

What if i just ate protein powder, olive oil, and sugar? In the recommended ratio for protein/fat/carbs. Popped a multivitamin with 100% rda of vitamins and minerals. And chugged 32 grams of fiber via metamucil?

You wouldn’t have to do dishes?

Like a smoothie? Needs more vodka.

May I suggest stocking up on toilet bowl cleaner?

Well, it’s your body … but do tell us what the, um, results are if you decide to try it.

A little more.

More than that.

Nah. Tequila. The answer is alway “More than that”

Well ok maybe i wasn’t specific enough. If i got all my nutrition with supplements rather than a “healthy and varied diet”. How long would i be relatively healthy? Is that a better question?

Short term, i don’t think it be a problem. Long term though? Might run into issues.

Take multi vitamins and you can prolly go a long time.

There’s a beer only diet for Lent thing. Harkens back to Paulaner Catholic monks a few hundred years ago.

Man, I did that for a week. My beloved beer became a chore, and it wasn’t really a problem going with no food (ok, I cheated, I had one asparagus tip one night, and a handful of nuts another night). I took multi-vitamins. Wierd. I drank less because I didn’t have accompanying food, and that third or fourth beer was unappetizing. If I had only drunk a single type of beer, I would have drunk even less! But, I lost about a pound a day, and have kept that off.

I musta lent my calander to someone, cause I’m on that pretty much all the time.

It’s been tried a few times. It hasn’t caught on for obvious reasons - people want to enjoy their food.

No, it’s not satire, it’s genuine. Just don’t ask what it’s made from! :grinning:
Here’s what living on it is like:


Then there’s Huel. (Human fuel, geddit?)


Online Huel forums contain threads of people complaining about stomach pains, flatulence, and heartburn, mixed with positive reviews of clearer skin and even, fewer hangovers.

A dietician says it’s okay occasionally, but don’t live on the stuff.

There are a number of other ‘complete diet’ powders, so you can try it for yourself.

In service of what?

Don’t say “science”.