What if movies/shows did this...?

Since there’s bound to be some “stock footage” lying about of the very best (or worst) example of each of these things:

  1. car chase
  2. sex scene
  3. courtroom surprise
  4. shootout
  5. execution scene
  6. storm at sea
  7. encounter with a wild beast
  8. falling from a high place
  9. football game

what if instead of investing in all the setup and preparations for another in the category, they just stuck in a graphic that said

and just go on with the portion of the show/movie that’s intended to be “original” or never done before quite this way?

By that I mean if the type of scene has already been done and you don’t really expect to produce a better example, why not just admit that and save everybody some time and critical labor?

With that as the main premise, and using the list above as a starter set, identify the movie/show that has the “ultimate good example” and/or “ultimate bad example” of whatever type of scene you want to have included in the New And Improved Stock Footage Vault.

Also, if you can think of a movie or show that could be put together with nothing but the graphics described above, please identify it/them. That is, there’s absolutely nothing (or very close to it) in this show/movie that could be called original or exemplary.

The car chase in the movie Ablaze is the same as the one in Striking Distance

This sounds like a great idea if you are a fan of director Albert Pyun and the Golan-Globus era of Cannon Films. Otherwise, not so much. I like the car chase scenes in Bullitt, The French Connection, and Ronin, but if I saw the sames scenes in every movie they’d become a very tired cliche.


bump – it’s been going on a year, but it’s not a zombie in my eyes.

You might have better luck if you change the thread title to emphasize the polling aspect of 'ultimate examples". I’ll give it a shot…

  1. car chase
    Maybe Matrix2, or the recent Bond movie. For actionyness. But I’m not a car chase aficionado so someone will do better than me. But for best overall car chase scene for entertainment value, hands down it has to go to Pineapple Express.

  2. sex scene
    Don’t laugh, but I actually think the serious scenes in the otherwise farcical Exit to Eden were fairly hot. Latter Days, the hotel scene, was very erotic and sweet at the same time. For pure whizzam! The Buffy episode where she and Spike manage to demolish an entire house having sex. But final vote is probably anything from Shortbus.

  3. courtroom surprise
    The movie with Cher as a lawyer when she declares the real murderer is…

The judge!

  1. shootout
    Probably one of those movies where a million bullets are flying and one random person manages not to get hit. Or someone is being chased by two parties, and only escapes because they get into the middle of a shootout between the two parties, who take eachother out. Or Smokin Aces. Or something from a Quentin Tarantino movie.

  2. execution scene
    The Green Mile (either one). Or Braveheart. But probably Robin Hood (the old HBO or Showtime series).

  3. storm at sea
    The Perfect Storm would be the obvious one lol. Maybe Forest Gump. I think though I’d pick Joe Vs The Volcano or The Truman Show.

  4. encounter with a wild beast
    Apocalypto. Angel (white room).

  5. falling from a high place
    Gotta be Crank, final scene.

  6. football game
    Most milked for what it’s worth would be the ‘show me the money’ guy :slight_smile: I’m not the one to ask about football though.

Hal Needham invented the cannon roll, and it damn near killed the first time he tried it in motion. Once you understand it, you can spot it every time.

He built a big steel tube inside a stunt car. The idea was to use a dynamite charge to shoot a section of telephone pole down, to launch one side of the car up as the car swerved to one side. They tried it on a stationary car, and it lifted the car up on one side, then it settled down. “We need a bigger charge,” thought Hal. So, with the car driving fast, and Needham at the wheel, he swerved to the left, and he triggered the much-larger boom. It launched high into the air, and when it came down, it broke parts of his spine.

The cannon roll is still a staple of car chases. A big German truck fell over in Raiders of TLA. In nearly every car chase, some pursuer swerves to one side, or runs up onto a curb or a truck, and boom, the car rolls in an exaggerated way.

Hal Needham’s legacy, that roll. It’s too bad you can’t patent stuff like that.