What if Nixon had been sent to prison?

Would he had kept his Secret Service protection? I mean, no what matter level of prison security already exists, some inmate would try to make a name for himself by taking out the Prez.
Does anyone know if the Secret Service had any such plans for Presidental prison protection formulated in the waning days of Watergate?

For sure, he would have gone to club fed, so I don’t think he would had been in any danger.

Minimum security federal prison isn’t exactly safe, you know.

It was concerns like this that led to his pardon. I consider this a very wise move, considering the nightmare the alternative would have become.

Most likely they would set up a separate wing of a prison for him, or even something like what was done for Rudolf Hess, who was the only inmate of Spandau Prison.

Prez in prison? heh…what do ya think VP’s are for. He’d be pardoned before the door was even open.
Try house arrest at most. Besides the witnesses usually start dying before it gets that close. Not to mention any number of fall guys that are already prepared. Watergate? didn’t hold a candle to the crap Bush Sr. and his cronies pulled in Iran/Contra gate. Junior ain’t no better. Think I’ll go dig around a bit and see what the “official word” is regarding the POTUS actually having to serve hard time. ~later

Didn’t President Grant get arrested once, while in office, for speeding in his carriage?

Though I kinda doubt he spent a night in a county jail, or anything…

I imagine he would have kept his Secret Service protection and would have been kept isolated from the other prisoners. Not only that, but he would have been sent to the best possible “white collar resort” prison rather than a “pound me in the ass” prison.

As I understand it there is nothing in the law that prevents a President from pardoning himself (while he’s in office of course, not later). Theoretically, Nixon could have announced “I am resigning effective at noon tomorrow, and as my last official act you can watch me sign this grant of unconditional pardon to one Richard M. Nixon.”

Nixon couldn’t have gone to prison without being convicted at a criminal trial, and a trial of a former president for his actions in office would have paralyzed the country for years. If it had really come down to that there would have been plenty of time to build him his own personal prison.

If you read the Onion’s Our Dumb Century , you’d know that:

Nixon escaped and was shot while on the lam