What if the January 6 insurrection had been more successful?

No you can’t

I see the 1/6 Insurrection as a test case for future shenanigans. I don’t think Trump or anyone else in his group was sure how well or how badly it would go. But now that he’s done it, and he hasn’t suffered politically from it and his party is still with him, I think it’s much more likely that it will happen again. So, I think from in retrospect, the Insurrection was a success for the people that pulled it off, and something like this will happen again in 2024 if Biden wins…

To what extent can a sitting president use his pardon powers to enable a coup? What if Trump had told the rioters to invade the Capitol, with the advance promise that “everyone who does so will be pardoned, so don’t worry, just go do your thing?”

Or Biden doesn’t win but Harris supports not certifying the election results?

The problem with this crap is that it can get flung both ways.

What if good old Joe dies and President Harris chooses AOC as VP? She will be 35 just 3 weeks before the 2024 election and thus eligible to be VP. Oh the horror!

Can you clarify what this point has to do with the topic?

Well I was responding to the post from survinga, showing that if precedent has actually been set either side could do it. How about a left wing coup?

Not saying it would happen or that I would want it. But this stuff goes through their minds.

Were Harris to take the presidency on Biden’s death, she could certainly nominate AOC to succeed her but the prospects of getting approved by both chambers of Congress are at best slim. Should she pick AOC as a running mate in 2024 she would guarantee a loss for herself.

6 months ago today…


I don’t think there’s any danger of a left-wing coup, given the current makeup of the Democratic party. But yes, if it happens once on the Right-wing side, it could theoretically happen on the left-wing side in the future. That’s one reason that impeaching & convicting Trump was so important. Congress had to send a message to future Presidents or wannabe-Presidents that engineering a violent insurrection to stop a vote certification would result in political punishment. It was a no-brainer, and the Pubs were too frightened of their base to do the right thing.

Yes. A thousand times yes. Now it’s seen as “hmmm, let’s try that again”.

It’s not ODD, it’s whatever we’re calling multiple personality disorder. Simultaneously victor and victim, simultaneously dominant and oppressed. The Capitol attacks were merely high-spirited tourists expressing their disdain for government in a rambunctious manner, yet also they were Antifa operatives doing awful things to make Trump look bad. Our government has become tyrannical, and the 2nd Amendment was created to deal with that via threat of violence, and we love to bring up this indirect threat. Yet we didn’t do any violence and we never would, in fact it’s actually Democrats who are the party of violence. We’re just… uh… kidding about all that.

This is why it’s damn near impossible to hold a conversation with these people. They’re constantly switching between diametrically opposed positions based on whatever they think will score points, and they do it so reflexively and fluently that they don’t even recognize they’re doing it.

IOW, doublethink. Orwell was only 37 years off.

Okay. But choosing a (albeit controversial) VP through constitutional means hardy rises to the level of a “coup.”

I stated that they lost the election after Joe died. And that they decided to take a play from Trumps book since there was no consiquences. Its a theoritical thing, not meant to be totally believable. Get it?

Don’t forget all the rah rah red white and blue patriotism coexisting with the hardline anti-government sentiment. That’s a big one.

“We had to destroy the country in order to save it.”

This Washington Post article by Michael C. Bender contains a quote for the ages from a January 6 participant:

“It just looked so neat,” she said. “We weren’t there to steal things. We weren’t there to do damage. We were just there to overthrow the government.”

The perfect sentiment from someone who should be finger painting in a padded cell !
The fact that damage was done, things were stolen informs about these people’s ability to recognize and eliminate unintended consequences.

Do you suppose these people are deluded enough to think that their attack on the Capitol Building, and their attempted coup by violent overthrow of the means of peaceful transfer of power is similar to 60’s leftist radicals trying to levitate The Pentagon, or hippy chicks (no misogyny intended by that phrase- I knew a few whom self described using those terms) putting flowers in soldier’s rifles?

Nothing that happened on January 6th- or anywhere in ‘Trump world’ seems like youthful indiscretions. Most of those folks are middle aged and many are veterans or business owners. I mean, just listen to them- they are simple minded, single issue dolts for certain, but they should be old enough to know better don’t you think?

Being armpit deep with these people on a daily basis I have to say you both have a point here. There is almost certainly some pathology driving these people and those two diagnosis are not mutually exclusive. Although they cause a lot of problems for society, they probably deserve some level of treatment and support, although if they committed any crimes they need to be held accountable. But the abusive fucks who lied to them, encouraged them, then abandoned them - - those that used powers of trust and authority to abuse and brain wash them should be held accountable to the highest level possible in my view.
(I will be holding my breath until that happens!!)

Blue is not a good look for you.

Hypoxic blue is the “in” color for all the cool toddlers. If you want to stop insurrection, you need to take a stand and put it into action!
(Sorry, I could not resist responding.)