What If We Did Away With All Cyclical Events....

… such as birthdays, holidays, the Super Bowl, the Olympics, would it make it seem that we’d live longer?

Stay with me here, okay?

I’m not necessarily saying we don’t need to HAVE a Super Bowl, a birthday, Christmas, etc., but what if they didn’t occur at the same time all the time?

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All I’m saying (is give peace a chance), is that every time the fuckin’ Oscars come around, I’m like, “Oh shit! Already???

And at 60, and crazy, that just makes it seem like I’m in a time machine stuck on 78 rpm - fast forward, and I wanna slow down a little, 'cause I’m not ready to get off the planet just yet, okay?

So whatcha think?



I don’t know how it would feel - it’s an interesting idea…

For events that aren’t specifically nailed into the calendar (sporting events, awards ceremonies, etc), it might work, but assuming there were things that we wanted to do more than once, and together, there would have to be some sort of decision process to determine when they would next occur - if you’ve ever tried to find mutually-convenient diary slots for a group of more than three people, you’ll know this can be a real headache (although to be fair, this process, when it happens to me, does make me feel like I have lived too long)

I don’t think so. I’m stuck at home all the time, and since I don’t go out and do anything, things move a heck of a lot faster. All the different days just start feeling the same. I almost don’t remember last year.

Quasi, I don’t care what you do with all the mundane events that don’t concern me. However, if you somehow manage to change, delay, move, or otherwise alter in any significant way any aspect of the Super Bowl, the NFL schedule, the SEC football schedule, the SEC Championship Game, or the SEC/BCS Championship game, I’ll shall tie you down and force you to listen to loud rap music 24/7 for the rest of your natural life.

Oak hath spoken. So mote it be.

Then everyone would be sitting around waiting for aperiodic events.

I extended apologies for the silly software engineer geek joke.
Although, now that I think about it, there may be an appropriate analogy in there somewhere. Without cyclic events in our lives, would we be sitting around waiting for something to happen?

You mean, like Easter?

Yea, the sun moving around the earth thing would be tricky to fix. Seasons and all.

Good luck though, that calendar seem to be on FF to me too.

I too am entering geezerville and time does seem to fly by now faster than when I was a kid.

But even my daughter remarked how fast time seemed to be going when she was very young. “It seems like we just had Halloween, dad”

My wife and I went to a Club Med many years ago for a week. no TV. no radio, just the beach, food and whatever else.

That week seemed more like a month and it was VERY relaxing and a great vacation.

I think that with all the electronic stimulation we have today, time seems to be speeding up.

Well, can it be the Beastie Boys, Sugar Hill Gang and Ton Loc…errrrr…Oak?:slight_smile:

Even Easter only moves within limits. It never falls in the middle of winter or anything.

I think the idea of annual cycles is pretty much hardwired into us by the changing of the seasons (which we don’t have much control over). It would be easier, IMO, for us to adapt to schedule changes for things that happen on any regular basis that isn’t annual.

The problem, as many pointed out, is that cycles started way before there was even a calendar and before humans had a concept of what a “year” was. There were the solstices which marked the times of the year when daylight was the longest, daylight was the shortest, and daylight and nighttime were equal. There wasn’t a calendar to say “aha! Today’s December 21st Happy almost Future Birthday Jesus!” You just marked that the day grew shorter until it didn’t again and this process happened with or without your noticing it or celebrating it (though it helped).

Damn. I thought this was going to be about stopping my period. That’s one cyclical event that always has me going ‘Cripes, again?!’

I was thinking about this sort of thing this Xmas, though. How sad the clean-up is, and the 'Well, until next year’s. How my life has gone from counting down the days 'til summer vacation to marveling at how quickly time’s passing. But I think humans crave structure. And we need markers of time, beyond the calendar, if only for reference. And I have had years where few things were celebrated and I didn’t get out much – in a way, those days sort of blur together. Holidays help provide highlights.