What if you got a full scholarship?

What college/university would you go to and what would you major in if you were given a full four year scholarship, all expenses paid?
No, you will not lose your job.
Yes, you can take your family if you want.
Yes, you will be given a small beer stipend.

Oxford, some variety of English lit, or English medieval history.

I’m not academically up to snuff these days (if I ever was) but if I understand the Oxford system that won’t matter for a couple of years 'til I have to sit exams. Then I can flunk out with alacrity!

I suppose the practical thing to do would be to get an MBA, probably from one of the nearby SEC schools in my area. I hear people with a JD/MBA can make some serious bank–though at 48, I’m not sure such a career change is viable.

If I was otherwise wealthy and just doing it for fun, I’d get an MFA in acting/directing. I actually started an MFA in scene design years ago, but quit after a semester…

University of Massachusetts Amherst-Bachelor of Science in Hospitality and Tourism Management, followed by a BA in Communication.

I honestly don’t care which school I go to. To me, the reputation of schools is highly over-rated. I’d either pick an online school (my current degree was finished through University of Phoenix) or something close like University of Washington.

I’d be pursuing a Masters in Taxation most likely. That’s not necessarily a four-year course of study, but I already have the degree in Accounting, and I would not even want to pursue another four-year degree. Even if it was free, I don’t have enough time and won’t see any increase in income that would make it worthwhile.

Not interested in the whole “college” experience, or any courses that don’t directly involve your job?

I have no interest in another degree at this time.

Thank ghod there are other threads to post in, then. I hope you find one with a topic that interests you.

Hamburger University. Whatever gets me some of that sweet, sweet McD’s moolah.


Although the learning curve scares the crap out of me. It’d still be awesome to try (and probably succeed, once the soles of my mental shoes stop smoldering from trying to come up to speed).

I would do my degree over. B.Comp.Sci. So many emerging technologies I’d like to explore. Then I’d pursue work related to big data search/analysis, etc.

MIT or Berkeley.

Not the least bit interested in the rest of that “college experience” stuff. Too old for it and can’t drink that much anymore anyway.

Not even remotely interested, no. Most of that typical college experience sounds like so much wasted time, and it sounded that way to me 20 years ago when I did it the first time. That’s part of why I finished my degree online. It was such a relief to avoid having to deal with all those stupid kids who just want to party. And, yes, I called them stupid kids who just want to party even when I was their age. For me, high school and college were a necessary evil to be gotten through quickly so that real life could start.

Maybe the only thing I’d do differently if I could go back in time would be to get laid more often… but I’m married now and going back to school wouldn’t change that.

Years ago, I would have gone for it. I’m 64 now, and I’d feel guilty about wasting somebody’s scholarship money on a creaky old git who probably wouldn’t start a new career. Spend it on somebody younger.

Master Brewers Program at UC Davis. And that beer stipend had better be more than small.

With homework like that, you’re bitching about the small beer stipend?? :smiley:

One I have actually been considering, there is a degree program in Archeology for a small college in Illinois that oddly enough I actually did have an offer of a full ride from back in the day, I could probably blackmail my way back in [a small matter of a huge donation by my Grandfather’s will that resulted in several buildings and a fairly sizable trust fund that there also seems to have been some shenaneganning with back in the day while my Grandmother was still alive.] Not that I am actually interested in Biblical Archeology unless it was to specifically get my jollies by shaking a few overly religious scholars trees. Not that that doesn’t actually interest me … :stuck_out_tongue:

I would love a full ride to Yale, but the campus is notably nonhandicapped friendly and way too urban, I would have to get someone to deliver me and my chair to school and pick me up afterwards. Same goes for many of the more urban oriented schools that are on the older end of the list [built back when handicapped people knew their place and were kept locked in attics, basements or remote little bedroom suites like the shameful scum they were :p.]

I had a full fellowship to policy school and haven’t done anything with the degree, so with that caveat and the one about not liking school in general, I would study ancient Greek language, literature, and history.

I think I would have another go at a philosophy degree, this time at Oxford. My interest is piqued again after Verificationist’s thread about it. At my age I don’t have to be practical any more, I’d just like to find out if I can hack it this time.

Apparently that’s only supposed to take three years, but maybe if I stretch it out to four, if they allow that, I would be able to do it. I would love to try, anyway, and in the long vacs I could explore the countryside as I have been wanting to do for years.

A Master’s in Public Health from any school with an international intervention focus.

Georgetown, PolSci or Pre-Law.
Can’t pick my Law School.