What imminent advances should keep me from buying a laptop right now?

I hate my computer. I’m so ready to get a new one, so I need someone to tell me why I should wait. What sort of advances will be coming to a laptop near me in the near future. Why should I wait for it?

Are you buying a PC? If you wait a bit, your laptop will come with Windows 7 without having to upgrade from Vista.

I’m likely buying a PC, but I might also be making the big transition to the white, fluffy world of the Mac.

When is Win 7 scheduled for release?

If you’re going to buy a Mac, you can check the Buyer’s Guide at Macrumors.com to see if the given model is likely to be updated in the near future.

October 22.

To the OP: This.

So far all the reviews have been great, and you’d probably want to update as soon as it’s released, so you might be better off to wait.

If Microsoft nails it’s first release in the company’s history I’ll be amazed. The rule with MS is to never buy the first service release.

Possible, but then again I suspect that Win 7 is essentially the service release of Vista.

I wouldn’t worry about buying the first release of 7. I’ve been running it since the Release Candidate came out, and it’s been rock-solid. The only time it crashed was because I was deliberately trying to make it do so.

Well, look at you! :slight_smile:

I wanted to buy a laptop this summer but my uber-geek silicon valley cousin told me to wait for this.

It might be worth waiting for solid state drives to come down in price as well.

Based on this thread in GQ, I’d recommend against that. It sounds like waiting for both affordability and reliability means waiting for a few more years, not just a few more months.