What in hell's a "max_questions" resource in MySQL-land?

So I’m setting up a front end to a MySQL data source and for each table the front end environment has to query the MySQL db to obtain the column listing and probably some other info like the designated primary key and all the primary key values per that table in order to index them.

This db has a shitload of tables. There were about 40 of them that started with the letter “a” alone, to provide a rough idea. Anyway, midway through the process, MySQL apparently decided my front end environment was the digital equiv of a peeping tom:

Error Message screenshot: http://home.earthlink.net/~ah3files/Stuff/Max%20Questions%20Resource.jpg
OK, I need to get past this. I have access to the MySQL environment but I do not know what the heck a max_questions resource is. (I can figure it out from context easily enough but I don’t know where it lives, how one modifies it, what the syntax of the modification command might be, etc).

I do assume this is MySQL doing this and not the ODBC driver that’s letting me connect to MySQL?

max_questions is (not surprisingly) the maximum amount of times you’re allowed to query database metadata per hour. There’s a separate max_queries setting for regular data queries.

If you have root access to the database (or can boss around somebody who does) you’ll need to increase the max_questions setting for your account.

You can do this directly in the ‘mysql’ database that contains all the user information (if you have the right permissions for that database). The basic idea is:

UPDATE user SET max_questions = 65535 WHERE user = 'todd';

ETA: You may have to restart the MySQL server for the new setting to take effect.