What ingredient is making this salsa black?

What the subject says. I get this salsa at a place called Baja Fresh that is black. I love this salsa. But, I have no idea of the ingredients.

Anybody have any idea what makes it black?

Squid ink?

It may be the chilis. Some varieties are very dark, nearly black when ripe.

Black beans?

Caramelized sugar.

The chilis are cooked until the sugar caramelizes. That’s why it tastes so good. There may also be some carbonized chili skin, as well.

I love that salsa, too.

I used to eat there all the time, and the sign under it said “Roasted Tomato Salsa” It always had a nice charred flavor to it, so I’m guessing it’s the carbonized/caramelized tomato skins.

I’ve eaten at other places that char the skins of the tomatoes they use in the salsa, and you can see the black specks that are the pieces of the charred tomato skin.