What is "1488" for American Neo-Nazis? (Synagogue shooter today)

See query. I read (lost cite) something about “1488” written somewhere on a weapon of the scumbag, I think, which the newspaper helpfully told me was a “well-known symbol for white supremacists” but left it at that.

First hit on Google

14 = 14 words “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children”

88 = 8th letter of the alphabet, which is H. So Heil Hitler.

For what it’s worth, this odd letter/number thing also occurs in the name of the UK Neo-Nazi group Combat 18.


I wonder how much influence the fact Germany’s most famous artillery piece in WW2 was also known as the 88 had in that.

None. If you see where it comes from, it’s obviously a coincidence. And it’s not like neo Nazis are students of history.

If they were, they would know that the Nazis lost, thus are a bunch of losers.


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They already know. It’s why they’re so vicious.