What is a cordless electric kettle?

I am thinking of buying this kettle but I have no idea how it works. Is it battery-operated? Anyone have one that can set me straight?


Here is a similar unit on eBay. Looks like “cordless” is a bit of a misnomer. The base has the heating element, and it plugs in to the wall outlet, yes, with a cord. The kettle sits on the base, but has no cord attached–you can pick it up, take it across the room and pour your coffee without unplugging anything. Hence “cordless”.

A friend of mine has a similar model. There’s a circular base which plugs in to the wall. In the center of the base there’s a circular “stump” with electrical contacts on it, which mates with a similar socket in the kettle. The kettle also contains the heating elements. My guess is that in the picture of the one you linked to, the line circling the kettle just below the level of the bottom of the handle is the bottom of the kettle and the top of the base.

Oh, and I don’t know exactly how many D-cells you’d need to boil enough water for a cup of tea, but my guess is that it’d be a good deal more than you’d be willing to waste.

Well that makes more sense. Though I would like one that didn’t hog a plug. Thanks!

We have something like this and it is the most awesome thing ever. I’ll never buy another regular tea kettle again.

If only Nikola Tesla had realized his dream…