What is a "Dead Arm"?

After three successive poor outings, Yankee pitcher Orlando “El Duque” Hernandez has been diagnosed with a “Dead Arm.”

I’ve heard this before, and I wonder: What exactly is this ailment? What might be the cure? When was the term first used as a diagnosis? And finally, can I use this as an excuse to call in sick from my desk job?

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The term is usually invoked when it has been observed that you’ve lost some zip (speed and movement) on your fastball. Sometimes this seems to be caused by overwork, other times tendinitis. Sometimes, it is a sign of a much more serious physical problem with the shoulder or elbow.

Rest usually cures a dead arm. I suspect that improper pitching mechanics is a culprit as well.

As for calling in sick for your desk job…nah…not unless you can stretch it into carpal tunnel surgery…

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