What is a "GigaPop" ? An owned ® technology, or a way of setting up network?

I’m reading a response to an RFP I sent out for telphone services (IVR, CTI), and one of the proposals talks about using “GigaPOP” for a centralized contact center infrastructure.

The response shows “GigaPOP” as a registered TM, but from reading around, GigaPOP is a robust network access point that supports data transfer rates of 1 Gbps.

I don’t get it.

I’ve never seen a GigaPop product or company but then never really looked. i gues it isn’t surprising someone trademarked the name.

For my money a gigapop is simply a Gigabit Point-of-Presence, usually an ISP but could be a business/government/university, with at least a 1gbps pipe to the internet. I know the I2 network requires a gigapop connection if you want to hook into it. That is pretty big even by today’s standards. Of course, just saying you have a gigapop doesn’t mean you are automatically a great company with cool stuff. Depends on number of users and overall usage. A gigapop might even be small. All comes down to the details.