What is a good mixture of whey/casein proteins

On this thread it came to my attention that whey protein is absorbed too quickly to be of much use alone. This sucks as I’ve used whey most of my life.

Can I mix whey with casein and just drink that? What kind of ratio do I need of whey/casein?

Unless you’re an elite athlete, eating cottage cheese is probably good enough.

and a lot cheaper.

Nah, we aren’t doing that. I’m not big on the idea of eating that much cottage cheese.

What if I take some kind of high fiber food along with the whey, will that help? What if I eat cottage cheese alongside the whey protein.

I want to say that carbohydrate and protein digestion are independent to some degree, so I’m not sure how much of an effect fiber would have. Adding whey to your cottage cheese is probably fine.