What is a good prepaid cell phone for an elderly person who dislikes technology

This person tried a jitterbug but didn’t like the high cost compared to other prepaid cell phones. But they aren’t really tech saavy enough to handle a smart phone.

It would have to be a cell phone, and this person is not only tech saavy but not really that saavy altogether, so it would have to be an extremely simple phone on a national pre-paid wireless plan.

I’m thinking a phone that unlocks when you flip or slide it might work, then relocks when you close it. One that requires a keypad lock would probably be too complicated. That is the level of tech ability I’m talking about, a phone that has a keypad lock or a menu of options you can get lost in would be too complicated.

I looked and looked and looked for a cell phone that my mom could use, without ever finding one. I got her the simplest one I could find, which was an old candy-bar style with no lock. (This was pre-Jitterbug, or I would have gotten her one of those.)

She just could not get the hang of how it worked. She also had dexterity issues, which made things even more difficult.

I ended up getting her a landline, once her situation settled down so that was feasible. She never did really get the hang of her new wireless phone either, but at least she could answer and make calls.

I think Jitterbug is really your best bet, although they are expensive.

Back then, I talked to every cellphone vendor in the area and asked “don’t you people think that a simple phone with large buttons and a readable screen would be a huge hit with the elderly and their children”? They all just stared at me like I was an idiot. When Jitterbug came out a couple of years later, I felt vindicated. :stuck_out_tongue:

Look at Net10 phones. The basic ones are very basic.

I agree with the above poster. My eyes are OK but I do need reading glasses, so it’s important do get displays big enough to be easily read for us older folk.

Net10 is good. The basic phones are essentially the same on the pay-as-you-go programs. My mom’s been doing okay with the very simplest flip phone served by Virgin Wireless in their pay-as-you-go system.Here’s the current incarnation; hers is a few styles back, but essentially the same.

Just tell her to ignore all the silver buttons. All she needs to make or receive calls are the numbers and the green and red phone buttons. Yes, it will text and email and Bluetooth and blah blah blah, but she doesn’t need to know any of that. And their plans are dirt cheap if she’s not using it much. My mom uses Vonage at home and her cell only when she’s out, and rarely at that. It’s mostly an emergency phone.

Although I was terribly proud of Mom last week - she sent her first text message! :smiley: