What is a "Moga Feast?"

In the book People by Peter Spier (a colorfully-illustrated book designed to introduce children to all the cultures of the world and to the general diversity of lifestyles and different kinds of people) there is one page where there are illustrations of various religious festivals around the world. One is a picture of some tribesmen wearing weird masks and costumes that seem to be made out of straw or reeds, and it says “Moga feast.”

Searching for that phrase, in quotes, in Google, gives me ONE result, an article in an Indian newspaper referencing a birthday festival in a place called Moga. It’s obviously not in reference to anything like what’s depicted in the book I read.

Does anyone here have any more information? What is a Moga Feast??!!

Could it be a typo for the moka of Papua New Guinea? Incidentally, Ongka’s Big Moka is the source of a line that gets a lot of use around our house: “I knock you down with my gift!” It’s more political/temporal than religious, though.

I’d say that’s highly likely.