What is "a shirt with wings"?

I’m at a loss. My sister is sponsoring a family this Christmas. The dad said he wanted a “shirt with wings”. This is a Mexican family and they specifically recommended we go to a certain store on the Mexican side of town. Sis called to ask me what this might be due to my experience in the Mexican community. But I’ve never heard of such a thing and a Google search was inconclusive.

Does anyone have any idea what a “shirt with wings” is?

Is it this? Or something like this?

Two WAGs, and both assume a translation problem with the word “wings.”

  1. A shirt with a bird on it. http://www.teesnthings.com/flame-eagle-t-shirt.aspx

  2. A dress shirt that has “flaps” (for lack of a better choice of words) in the front and back. Witness what the guy on the left is wearing on this page: https://fabmanual.wordpress.com/2010/10/29/faux-pas-fridays-the-untucked-dress-shirt/

…wing tip shirts.

They used to be the standard uniform at a couple of places I worked.

I’d agree with Banquet Bear that he probably means one with a wing tip collar.
The ‘flaps’ on the other shirt are called ‘tails’ in my experience.

I’m in the UK, so it might be completely different where you are.

Get a regular shirt and wash it in Red Bull.