What is a Shondell?

Tommy James ands the Shondells. What is a Shondell?

Um, it’s one of those people who sang with Tommy James. Didn’t your mother teach you anything?

Ah, a firm grasp of reality!

To be more specific - what does the word mean? Where did it come from?

My mother hated Tommy James by the way. He was a bad guy playing that bad music. Thus - I thought he was great!

Sorry, I thought I had been clear. I have very little doubt that the definition I gave you is the entire story; that the word has no history beyond the one I ascribed to it above.

Troy Shondell was a huge rock-a-billy singer. This quote is from Troy’s web site:

“Troy’s impact on aspiring young rockers was apparently very significant”. A young Detroit guitarist, Tommy James, who had first met Troy at Shuler’s Supper Club in Niles, Michigan (Tommy’s home town), named his “Hanky Panky” group “The Shondells” – after Troy.

Whoah! Cool! I came up empty and assumed the worst. Thanks for digging deeper than I did, monster!

From http://acro.harvard.edu/IAC/acro_figures.html

Okay, I know that wasn’t the question. But I’ve been biting my tongue all day and I just couldn’t resist any more. :smiley:

according to http://babelfish.altavista.com/translate.dyn, in French, chandelle means “candle.”

“Crimson and clover…over and over…”
sorry, I just like Tommy James…

The Shondells (Eddie Gray, guitar. Ronnie Rosman, organ, Mike Vale, bass, and Pete Lucia, drums) split from James in 1970.
Recording under the name “Hog Heaven” they released one song, Happy, that peaked at #98 on April 24, 1971 and dumped after two weeks on the Billboard chart.

Organist Ronnie Rosman was supposedly from my hometown, at least according to everybody in high school there at the time. The back of an album credits him from being somewhere else, though still in western PA. If he really did live there at some point, I suppose I can’t really blame him for putting someplace else in his bio, but a little town of 6000 takes what notables it can claim.

I liked Joan Jett’s cover of “Crimson and Clover.”

This site Troy Shondell says that there were more than one group named the Shondells, after Troy Shondell.

As far as I know, there was only one Hollies. How come there are no Presleys, Berries, Haleys? O, there are?

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**From http://acro.harvard.edu/IAC/acro_figures.html

Meaning a test pilot is, in fact, a Chandelier?

I kinda liked him too. I liked the guitar-based pop-rock
that was typical of the mid-1960’s. All that pretty much gets slammed these days for its lack of technical exhibition as compared to, say Jimi Hendrix or Yngwie Malmsteen. Not that I don’t greatly appreciate Jimi’s music, but some of that forgotten pop was a lot of fun. Guess I’ll go put on
my Castaways LP…

My mom went to high school with the original drummer,
Vincent Petrapolli (sp?)

I heard an interview with Tommy James, one time, in which he described hanging out, placidly, in the Hana region of Maui and getting a phone call from his agent, asking if he wanted to play a gig in rural New York. He looked around at the palm trees, considered his (full at the time) bank account, and asked “Are you crazy?” And that was his version of why the Shondells did not make an appearance at Woodstock.

I thought a Shondel was the opposite of a Ronette.