What is a Singles Cruise like?

I never really considered it before, but these days it would be nice to go on a vacation with some people who are the same age as me and also single. Are these kinds of cruises geared more towards older or younger people? Are they fun? What is the point of going on a singles cruise if you’re all from different places and there’s no chance to meet someone for a long term relationship (unless it’s all about casual sex). Anyways, I’m just curious. Anyone ever go on one of these trips? How did you like it? I’m 30 year old male for the record.

My BFF and I went on a barefoot cruise that I’m pretty sure was a singles cruise. It was a blast.

There were a wide range of physical ages on the cruise, but because it is a small sailing ship, we were all pretty much the same ‘mental age’ and very compatible people. Each day, we’d anchor off some little island, get sent on shore to do stuff, then in the evening everyone hung out in the bar area that was the center of the ship while the ship headed for the next island.

One night, we were in hurricane force winds that had the ship bouncing and listing at nearly 45 degrees most of the night. It was obvious that the crew were working hard and really concerned about the situation. We (passengers) tied ourselves to something sturdy in the bar area (so crew wouldn’t worry about us falling overboard) and just kept on with the party.

I would definitely recommend a barefoot cruises style if you could find a company doing it. We traveled with Windjammer and they’ve since gone under.

Here is a message board thread that talks about the demise of Windjammer Barefoot and alternates that are recommended by prior barefoot fans: http://www.fodors.com/community/caribbean-islands/anyone-found-a-cruise-comparable-to-windjammer-barefoot-cruise-experience.cfm