What is a stock Intel cooler 1155 compatible with?

I upgraded a year ago from a Celeron LGA 1155 to a I5 that’s also LGA 1155 and so I got 2 stock coolers, I guess that they are pretty much the exact same thing and I’m accumulating money to buy other parts, so I want to sell one of them.

So, what is a stock LGA 1155 cooler compatible with? I suppose that it works on all cpu’s in the same generation from a Celeron to an I7, but what about other generations like 1150, 1151,etc.? I could probably make a few dollars more if it’s compatible with newer cpu’s.

You’re unlikely to find a buyer. Almost all intel CPUs come with a stock cooler, and the ones that don’t are high end ones where the person who was buying it wouldn’t use a stock cooler. I doubt there’s a market for them.

I’m from eastern Europe, you’d be surprised at things people buy and sell here, people here can rarely afford newer gen cpu’s and or decide to spend money on custom coolers, so who knows.