What is a TRAYCLNT and why is it always not responding?

If I press cntrl-alt-del while I am online, there is always one program that says: TRAYCLNT (not responding).

I did a find file for this, and it appears to be part of the msn internet access as it’s in the C:/Program Files/MSNIA folder.

Does anyone know what this is and why it would always seem to be locked?



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Yes! Mine does this, too, and it’s always driving me CRAZY. At last, I am going to find out what it is and what it’s for…

[reads TC’s link]

But…but…it doesn’t explain what it IS. Or what it’s FOR. Do I NEED to fix it? I usually just ignore it. What does it all MEEEEAAANNN???

Anybody else?

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AnswersThatWork.com has a nice list of programs that appear on your systray and what they do. Trayclnt is included and listed about half-way down the page. It’s from MSN to allow quick internet access, apparently. It can be disabled in StartUp Manager since it’s not required.

Thank you!

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Where’s my Startup Manager, so I can disable TraycLnt?

Windows ME.

DDG, click Start --> Run; type “msconfig” and hit OK. This will bring up the System Configuration Utility - one of the tabs is “Startup” wherein you can disable whatever you don’t want to load at Startup.


Thanks y’all. I know this was the place to find out. :wink:

Okay, I’m looking at Startup in the System Configuration Utility, but I don’t see anything that says “TraycInt” in the list.

H/PC Connection Agent
eMachine eBoard
S05 Integrator Pass Two
Lexmark PrinTray
Scheduling Agent
S05 Integrator Pass One
HotSync Manager
Forget Me Not
MSN Internet Access
PowerReg Scheduler
OpenOffice.org 1.0.1.

So, which one do you disable to make TraycInt stop “stop responding”? I don’t want to disable the entire Tray, or the Task Manager (I’m assuming that “Task Monitor” is referring to the Task Manager?) I actually like having the Task Manager. But it’s weird to have TraycInt “stop responding”, especially like now, when nothing’s wrong. The computer’s running fine, nothing’s locked up, but if I bring up the Task Manager, sure enough, there it is in the list: “TraycInt Not Responding”.

So, what makes that?
BTW, am I correct in assuming that “omg Startup” probably doesn’t stand for the “Oh My God Startup”? :smiley: