What is an academically respected, detailed history of Israel?

I am (as the title suggests) looking for a history of Israel that is detailed and respected (at least to a large extent) in the academic community.

What is such a history?

Selected reading lists from MIT OpenCourseWare:

Seminar on Politics and Conflict in the Middle East

Islam, the Middle East, and the West

The Middle East in 20th Century (PDF)

But, of course, your term, respected, is the fly in the ointment. There are a number of sources that would not be* respected *by partisans from different points of view on the matter of Israel’s history.

I had a textbook for a PoliSci class called “The Politics of the Middle East,” which I, rabid pro-Israel, was required to read, and I believed that it was objective. The instructor/Ph.D. who assigned it had been a Palestinian ‘activist’, and he said that he thought it was objective. The rest of the class, rabid anti-Bush, ergo, let’s nuke Israel because Bush etc…, also declared that it seemed objective to them, so I’d recommend it as being a quick, clear read, but not terribly in-depth, but it gave a good picture of why things are the way they are. Witten by…hang on…Yes, I didn’t throw it away…Monte Palmer.