What is anti-chemical "goop" used by military?

What is the name of the goop used by military to neutralize chemical/radiological contamination?

Several years ago I participated in a seminar put on by military where they were showing anti chemical and radiological procedures. They demonstrated some goop that was to be applied to any contaminated surface (including skin) and it would supposedly neutralize it.
It is NOT Fuller’s Earth.

Does anyone know what this stuff is?

Well it’s obviously not going to “neutralise” radiation. I have no specific knowledge about this (I’d imagine the actual formula is classified) but if I was going to guess.

  1. Some kind of oxidising agent (probably a fairly straightforward bleach) at as high a concentration as they can get away with, I’d imagine that some skin irritation is going to be acceptable compared to VX poisoning. It’s also effective against biological agents.

  2. Specific neutralising and binding agents to the extent that it’s possible with the bleach. If it has chelating agents for radioactive stuff you might expect them to be bound to larger particles (plastic beads?) in the goop to prevent the radioactive material washing away and to simplify later decontamination.

The Bleach is going to be the big one, it will react with most biologically active substances and I know that is (or at least was) indicated in civilian chemical warfare response guidelines.

Under normal emergency circumstances regular detergent and water would be used primarily on people, but you seem to be talking about a topical gel.

If it’s designed for use on none living objects I’d expect much stronger bleach.

Was it www.decongel.com ?

You have DS-2, decontamination solution 2 and STB, super tropical bleach (applied as a paste [your goop?]) as standards. They are incompatible with each other.

All you wanted to know about history, equipment, chemicals - Decon History | PDF | Bleach | Chemical Warfare

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Newer is Decon Green, hydrogen peroxide based that is safer and friendlier to the environment.

Ravenman, I think you got it. It was a blue goop and this looks like the demo stuff they showed us.
Wonder how effective against radiologicals it really is (given I’ve not heard it mentioned ever outside that military demo). Given the situation in Japan you’d figure if it was effective someone would’ve showcased it by now… But the Sergeant that did the demo swore it was extremely effective.

Nuclear fallout is basically just dust that’s been rendered radioactive. Anything that’s effective against dust will therefore be effective against fallout. Of course, you still have to dispose of the stuff somehow.