What is bovril powder, and what can I use as a substitute?

This recipe calls for bovril powder, as do any number of recipes I get when I google, but I can’t find out just what it is. From the recipe (which looks like a fairly straightforward beef stew, despite the exotic name), I’m guessing it’s boullion granules? Beef or veggie? Or am I way off track?

The only Bovril I know about was liquid beef extract. One tea-spoonful in a cup of boiling water made a very pleasant drink, and you could also use it in stews. Just over a year ago they reformulated the stuff and it is now made from yeast extract, just like Marmite or Veggimite. Going back to your question , yes just use boullion granules that should do the trick.

Our eight year old daughter just asked this yesterday! Somehow or other, both Pepper Mill and I knew the answer, although I don’t think they’ve ever had Bovril here in the States. As Rayne Man suggests, we told her it was like beef bouillon.

I think she stuumbled across it in one of the Lemony Snicket books.

Replace with one beef Oxo cube.

Some information about Bovril

Paging Dr. Qadgop!

Thanks all! Very helpful.