What is butterbeer? How does it taste?

I always thought it was the wizard world’s equivalent to root beer or ginger beer…some carbonated beverage with the taste of butter.

I forgot it’s also served hot. But I never thought of it as alcoholic. Firewhisky, on the other hand…

What the heck book are you guys talking about? I mean, I’ve been all through my Chronicles of Narnia and I can’t find butterbeer anywhere!


I’m sipping a warm mug of this right now, and it is pretty good. I just guessed on all the measurements (as I typically do when I cook), but I think it could use a bit more brown sugar. What I’m drinking tastes as if it should be mild, but not quite as mild as it is. It’s rather butterscotch-y, so it sounds pretty close to what JKR said she imagines it as:

“I imagine it to taste a little bit like less-sickly butterscotch.”

I heartily recommend it to anyone who’s geeky enough to try a recipe for a made-up beverage found in a children’s book. :wink:

I posted this in the Drink Recipe Haiku thread back in March, actually…

Rowling’s Butterbeer
One twelve ounce glass of root beer
One shot Buttershots
And I’m with Qadgop about making it Wisconsin’s State Drink.

Y’all are so damn witty.

I have something for the lot of you to eat, and it isn’t cheese, but cows do make it.