What is butterbeer? How does it taste?

There’s this book I’ve been reading- I can’t remember it’s name at the moment- but three of the characters drink butterbeer constantly. Is this an English thing? Is it bottled or made fresh when you order it? How does it taste? Anybody know of any chains that sell it in the U.S.?

Unless I’m being seriously whooshed–you’re reading Harry Potter, I assume. I don’t think you can buy it, but I’ve made my own by heating a bit of butter in a mug of root beer. I find it to be a bit sweet, myself.

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There are hints that too much ButterBeer does indeed get you drunk. And the kids were drinking it from age 11 I think (and not in secret either) so :eek:

At 15, ron expresses wishes to drink firewhisky, which I would presume is 40% alcohol just like muggle whisky. Methinks ronald will be a teenage drunk

In case you were not joking - Butterbeer is fictional (correct me if I am wrong someone)

Now I am not sure what book it is either, the name rhymes with ‘barry trotter’ or something. I don’t know.

I think you can probably compare the amount of alcohol in “real” butterbeer to be pretty much equivalent to that in cough syrup–the house elves that got sloshed have a much lower tolerance level than humans, who would probably have to drink gallons of the stuff to get even a bit tipsy. One would probably drink himself into a sugary coma or at least a gluttenous nausea before getting tipsy.

The hints I was refering to were (if I remember rightly in my own not-too-sober state) of fully grown wizards being noticably drunk/tipsy after drinking what appeared to be nothing but butterbeer (the hints being in book 5). I could be (and often am) wrong.
P.S. What is the alcohol content of cough syrup? (and mouthwash for that matter)

I’ve imagined that butterbeer was a carbonated butterscotch-flavoured drink.

Sounds like some sort of Danish concoction to me.

I always imagined butterbeer being a really creamy type drink… maybe like egg nog. But with more of a butter-toffee type of flavor.

I imagined it tasing like a buttery drink with an aftertaste of rootbeer.

I’m going to take a wild guess that since both the creator and (recorded) consumers of butterbeer are English, and that – to the English palate – rootbeer tastes like a well-known brand of antiseptic ointment, there is unlikely to be an large rootbeer element in the taste of butterbeer.

Whatever it is, I’m surprised they haven’t made it Wisconsin’s state drink.

“Eat cheese or die”. Or perhaps “Eat cheese and die”.
(Wisconsin’s true state motto)

I just want to clarify, because I wasn’t really happy with my definition of the texture of it. Mainly because my picture of a cup of egg nog is not my picture of a cup of butterbeer.

I imagine butterbeer being creamy in texture-- like egg-nog. But more whipped and so really frothy… so it looks more like beer in a mug.

I stand by the butter-toffee taste though.

I assumed house elves got drunk on butterbeer because their metabolisms are different.

And Qadcop - Wisconsin’s state drink is deep-fried beer.


I agree with this post. Especially because it is stated that butterbeer can be drunk either cool or hot. If it can be a hot drink I doubt it’s carbonated.

I would love to taste butterbeer. I’ve envisioned it to be a butterscotchy smoothness with a bit of a buzz of some kind of alcohol.

One of the Google-supplied links:

This sounds good.

One of these days I am going to sit down and do a pettiant butterscotch flavored honey mead and bottle it as butterbeer.

I always imagined it as being something like a mild butterscotch schnaps with a small alcoholic kick. It’ll get you drunk but you have to drink a lot of it(kind of like 3.2 beer).

Winky the house elf got blitzed off of butterbeer in book 4. Perhaps that’s what you’re thinking of. Hermione says, “It’s not strong, that stuff,” to which Dobby replies that elf tolerance is much lower than that of humans.