What is cheapest thing to make?

What is the cheapest thing in the world to manufacture, on a cost per unit basis? I say it is a rubber band, my pal says a paper clip, another person says a postage stamp…other choices are straight pin, thumbtack, bb, penny and brass washer…i know a penny costs several cents to make so that can’t be the winner…what is???:confused::confused::confused::confused:

Transistorshave got to be in the running.

Something like a grain of abrasive, but transistors might beat even that.

Staples are smaller and cheapear than paper clips.
And you still need them one at a time. Anything smaller you use in bulk, eg sand grains in your brick work mortar…

One of the smallest “things” that you might request/use “one” is a jewel bearing, as used in watches.

Does that include packaging and shipping, or just manufacture.

Matchsticks and toothpicks, for instance, can ship in large-ish cardboard boxes. Straight pins and thumb tacks sell in smaller quantities with more expensive packaging, usually.

The packaging on washers sent to a manufacturing plant would be different than washers meant to be sold at hardware stores.

I bet the cost of a candy buttonis mostly packaging, shipping, and shelf overhead.

Checking the other posts, it’s going to be hard to beat those bulk transistors.

I suspect that is the cost of an individual transistor on a chip that had shitloads of them. For example an Intel i5 quad core with Ivy Bridge microarchitecture has 1.4 billion transistors.

As such it’s not really an individual unit; if you wanted to buy 100 individual transistors to use in 100 different items I really don’t think you can get the price quoted in the link.

I don’t know if transistors count because those insanely cheap transistors are printed deep into integrated circuits by the thousands or millions and look like this.

To buy a single “discrete transistor” like this still cost cents to dollars retail. I can’t find any info on what it costs to manufacture them, but the simplest are still more complex than a staple so I’d imagine they’d cost more.

I don’t know if the OP would count them or not.

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I suggest those plastic coffee stirrers that look like miniature straws, or small brads (nails).

It costs nothing to make love.

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Ice. It grows wild in some places.

Almost all of the things mentioned so far are sold in bulk and you’d be hard pressed to go into a store and buy just one of them. The one exception among those things mentioned is a single postage stamp. People do sometimes buy just one of those, and while the price might even be up in the dollar range, the manufacturing cost of a single postage stamp is negligible. That’s only true when they’re made in bulk of course, but that restriction is also true for the other things mentioned here.

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Mud? Not a lot of market for it, but it’s certainly cheap to manufacturer.

Depends on the mud - barite powder drilling mud = US $165-328 / Ton (18 Tons Min. Order)

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A sequin. They’re sold in bins in sewing and art supply shops, and I guess you could buy just one.