What is continuing education like for the SEALs and other elite military units?

Wikipedia comments that SEALs can expect as much as 30 months of formal training before being deployed on missions, and my assumption is that most “elite” soldiers continue to train and practice at a fairly intense levels for most of their career.

What I’m wondering is, what form does their continuing education usually take? Do they get to go to lots of different schools and formal programs between active deployments, or is it more a matter of getting lots of informal and on-the-job training from the experienced guys?

A lot:

It’s probably not at all uncommon for the more elite forces may cross-train with allied spec ops units, if only for familiarization with their tactics and ways of doing things.

For example, I’d bet that 1st SFOD-D and DEVGRU probably cross train regularly with the British SAS, KSK, 1er RPIMa, JTF2 and possibly Sayeret Matkal , because it’s likely that they’ll be doing joint operations with those outfits.