What is Crypto-Capitalism? Polisci/economics queswtion.

What is crypto-capitalism?
How is it defined?
What are the tenents of this political system?
How does it differ from Capitalism?
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I believe it’s a word for the system in China, where you more or less have capitalism but pretend you don’t. It doesn’t have a political system as such.

Capitalism, cryptocapitalism, and communism are all ECONOMIC systems, not political systems. Crypto- is a prefix meaning “hidden,” and is usually added to a root word to indicate that the thingt or person so described is being something other than open and honest. Cryptocapitalism is not a term for an economic system so much as a label for capitalist economies that claim to be otherwise (China, as Priceguy points out, still claims to be a Maoist-Marxist planned economy, but is manifestly capitalist). Exactly how one hides or explains away capitalist features, and which features are hidden, is somewhat beyond my scope.

A term like “crypto-capitalism” is always going to be used by someone else, not by those running the system. You can imagine the President of China saying “I am proud to lead a great communist country”, or the President of the US saying “I am proud to lead a great captalist country”; but no president would say “I lead a crypto-capitalist country” in public.

“But I’m not into dosh. I hate money, I loathe possessions – It’s just so… crypto-fascist.”
“Will you stop saying everything’s crypto-fascist? You make me sound like I was a complete git!”

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It’s an economic system whose evil overload is Superman’s dog.