What is Diet Pepsi XOXO?

Today I bought what I thought were cans of Diet Pepsi. When I got home I discovered the cans were labeled “Diet Pepsi XOXO.” I couldn’t find anything on can which explained what the “XOXO” meant. The Pepsi Cola website was no help either. Can anyone tell me what it means?

Leftover Valentine’s Day cans perhaps?

-hugs and kisses, ISOT

Oh, did you Google it?

Valentines Day

I just Googled and found tons of answers. I used “diet pepsi xoxo” without the quotes.


It’s just a marketing thing. Check out the billboards and ads in this Pepsi blog. XOXO (hugs & kisses) is a handy way to look cool and have plenty of O’s in which to display your logo. Same goes for LOL, SODA POP, OH BOY and more.

That’s my guess. At my store we’re still getting V-day Diet Coke cans in.

Indeed I did. First thing. I got 9500 answers and none of them were helpful. Some were selling T-shirts with xoxo on them, some described the can, some were not really related but were by someone signing in as “xoxo”, etc. That is why I put the question on the board.